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Video Modeling: Visual-Based Strategies to Help People on the Autism Spectrum

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Video Modeling: Visual-Based Strategies to Help People on the Autism Spectrum

Author, Steve Lockwood 

The key to helping your ASD child may be right in your pocket!
Help your child to learn new skills and overcome existing barriers quickly and independently, regardless of age or ability. Video modeling is an effective method of teaching that uses recorded videos and technology. With repetitive and consistent exposure to video models, success stories include:

  •  A child who would not brush his teeth
  • A teenager being acclimated to a new work environment
  • A four-year-old who has not developed proper play-skills
  • A child who would not engage with her teachers in class
  • And so much more!

Learn how, using only your smartphone, to create educational and beneficial material to help learners with autism increase independence, facilitate learning, and improve quality of life.


Steve Lockwood, a board-certified Behavior Analyst, has been working with learners with autism of all ages for over fifteen years. He is a Special Education teacher, has presented at numerous conferences including the Autism Society National Conference and ABA International Conference, and has been published in Autism-Asperger's Digest magazine. He also provides consultation to families regarding parent training and home support services.

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