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Uniquely Normal Pre-order Available 11/15/2017

by Robert J. Bernstein with Robin Cantor-Cooke

Tapping The Reservoir of Normalcy To Treat Autism

Author Robert J. Bernstein has found a different approach based on cognition thinking in helping people of all ages with
ASD. Author's goal is for people with ASD to be able to live in the world and connect with the people in it as
themselves, to express their unique humanity and engage more fully in the human interactions that give life meaning
and make it worth the effort of getting out of bed every day. Author believes that whatever he does therapeutically must
be on the autistic person's terms; he or she must lead. Author's therapy examples are categorized by age groups of: 2-
5 years of age, 6-10 years of age, 11-14 years of age and 19 years of age and up.


Robert J. Bernstein has been treating children on the autism spectrum for more than 30 years. He shepherded his son, who is on the spectrum, through college and graduate school and on to a successful career in computer electronics. He consults for numerous organizations, including the National Council on Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependencies, and was publicly acclaimed for pioneering table tennis as a means to facilitate social interaction among young people with autism. His work with a previously nonverbal child whom he helped learn to speak was documented in the New York Times. He has appeared on Dateline NBC; national radio; hosted "Educating Your Child," a call-in radio show; and conducted dozens of seminars and presentations, including "First Responders and Individuals with Autism: Averting Crises and Preventing Disastrous Consequences," the first conference of its kind in Westchester. He received his graduate training at Teachers College Columbia University and lives in Westchester County, New York.

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