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UC Davis to focus on Temple Grandin in next Campus Community Book Project

by Dawn Grosvenor

UC Davis will focus on Temple Grandin and "Thinking in Pictures" for 2014-15 Campus Community Book Project

UC Davis has chosen to spotlight Dr. Temple Grandin in their upcoming Campus Community Book Project, with a focus on one of her most influential books, Thinking in Pictures: My Life with Autism!

According to The California Aggie, “the Campus Community Book Project aims to strengthen the UC Davis community through community discussion and the promotion of diversity. Events are planned throughout the year that relate to the chosen book, including lectures, films and discussions.”

Thinking in Pictures was chosen from 46 nominated titles by the UC Davis Campus Council on Community and Diversity, who selected disability as the theme for this year’s Book Project.

Mikael Villalobos, the administrator of the volunteer book selection committee, recognized in particular Dr. Grandin’s notability in the autism community, as well as her scholarly achievements.

“It is especially compelling that the author of the book is someone who has autism, is a prominent figure in the autism community and is also a scholar,” Villalobos said. “It gives the opportunity to see how we define disability and look at the limitations regarding these labels.”

We at Future Horizons are beyond excited for the UC Davis community to learn more about Dr. Grandin, who through her personal and professional triumphs regarding her life with autism and agricultural engineering has certainly made a positive impact on many.

If you are aren’t in the UC Davis area, but you’re still interested in learning more about Temple Grandin and her autism resources, worry not! That’s where we come in.

Future Horizons is hosting five autism conferences over the next four months, and Dr. Temple Grandin will speak at every single one of them! Attendees will even have a chance to meet Temple at her book signing before her talk. At each conference, other experts in the autism field will join Temple to educate, encourage, and inspire parents, individuals, students, and professionals that are affected by autism.

Check out our upcoming autism conference locations below:

April 25
Ventura, CA Autism Conference


May 2
Harrisburg, PA Autism Conference

Great Falls,

June 27
Great Falls, MT Autism Conference

Des Moines,

July 18
Des Moines, IA Autism Conference


August 8
Baltimore, MD Autism Conference


August 29
Huntsville, AL Autism Conference

Learn more about Future Horizons’ conferences!

If you’re looking for more immediate help, the Future Horizons online book store is jam-packed with Temple Grandin’s autism resources, from life-changing books to captivating presentations, including UC Davis’ selected title for their Book Project, Thinking in Pictures: My Life with Autism. We offer many of Temple’s resources in print and eBook formats, so that you can utilize from the comfort of your own home.

Thank you, UC Davis for continuing the conversation on autism and for featuring Dr. Temple Grandin, who we think the world of, in this year’s Campus Community Book Project!


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