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The Parents’ Guide to the Medical World of Autism

The Parents' Guide to the Medical World of Autism



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The Parents’ Guide to the Medical World of Autism


A Physician Explains Diagnosis, Medications and Treatments

Foreword by Temple Grandin

Author(s): Dr. Edward Aull


"This is the first book I have read where a wise, highly experienced doctor has discussed his use of medications on many different types of individuals on the autism spectrum. This book is essential reading for every parent who has a child who is either taking medication or thinking about the use of medication."- Dr. Temple Grandin

 When families are faced with a diagnosis of autism, they find themselves swimming in a vast sea of new terms and treatment options. It can be hard to know what to try or how to proceed. In this book, Dr. Aull identifies the best and safest treatment strategies for your child’s particular diagnosis.

Dr. Aull explains how he assigns an autism diagnosis and presents the medical treatments available to children and young adults on the spectrum. He offers invaluable information on the results you can expect with all types of medications and what can be done to create a successful treatment regimen.

Dr. Edward Aull resides in Carmel, Indiana.

Binding: Paperback

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"I stayed up all night until I finished it, I couldn't put it down."
-Dr. Temple Grandin

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