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Songames CD Package

Songames CD Package

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Songames CD Package

Author(s): Aubrey Lande, Bob Wiz

Songames for Sensory Integration, the original, and the one on which all the following kids’ CDs are based, was created by licensed therapists and professional musicians as a fun way to add music to the sensory diet of kids. For younger children, ages 3-9, try 28 Instant Songames or even Marvelous Mouth Music, which teaches speech development as well. Slightly older children, ages 5-12, will identify more with Danceland, a journey around the world of music and learning. All the above programs come with books detailing activities that go along with each song and when best to use which Songame.

For YOU, the adult, we include Soothing the Senses, by award winning pianist Fred Hersch. For all you do, for all the care you give, you deserve a little mental pampering, and you will find some here.

Songames (24.95)
28 Instant Songames (21.95)
Marvelous Mouth Music (21.95)
Danceland (21.95)
Soothing the Senses (17.95)

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