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Sensory Like You



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Sensory Like You

Author: Rachel S. Schneider, MA, MHC, & Kelly Dillon

In this illustrated book for children ages six through nine, and based on the article, How One Adult With SPD Wants to Explain this Condition to Your Sensory Child (, SPD adult advocates Rachel and Kelly will lead kids and their parents through the basic ins-and-outs of what it means to have Sensory Processing Disorders(SPD).

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 32

ABOUT The Author:

Rachel S. Schneider, M.A., MHC, is the author of Making Sense: A Guide to Sensory Issues, which was published by Sensory World in February 2016. As a writer, mental health counselor, delayed-diagnosis SPD adult, and pillar of the adult SPD community, Rachel writes the popular sensory blog - Coming to My Senses, and authored the hit articles “The Neurotypicals’ Guide to Adults with Sensory Processing Disorder” and “What Everyone Should Know About Sensory Processing Disorder.” Rachel lives in New York City with her husband and handler, Josh.

Kelly Dillon is the writer and illustrator of the blog Eating Off Plastic, where she chronicles her life with Sensory Processing Disorder.


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