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Conference Handout Materials Albany, NY

Pre-order Conference Handout Materials | Albany, NY



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10 days

Conference Handout Materials

Pre-order available until 6/12/17

Follow along with the speakers and their presentations! Because the materials for each speaker can be lengthy in printing from home, you can now purchase them online and have them at the conference when you arrive! 

~No tickets will be sent - you will receive an email confirmation of your registration within 3-5 business days. 

The handout cost is no longer automatically added to the registration fee in order to offer a savings to you, as many people no longer require printed materials.
You may download the handout materials to your device, or print and bring them with you to follow along with the speakers and their presentations.
Handout materials will be supplied via digital file (one week before the event), or you can purchase the Handout materials for $10 and pick them up at the conference.


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