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Runner with autism races again in the 2014 Boston Marathon

by Dawn Grosvenor

Runner with autism races again in 2014 Boston MarathonJonathan Brunot has severe autism, but that does not cloud his passion for long distance running. Today is a special day for Jonathan, as the 25-year-old will run the Boston Marathon and cross the finish line for the very first time!

Over the weekend, Jonathan’s brother, Verlaine Brunot, shared his story with Autism Speaks in a heartwarming and honest guest post. Verlaine detailed some of the challenges that Jonathan faces because of his autism, but also really focused on his interest in running and the progress that he’s made since his diagnosis.

Jonathan participated in the Boston Marathon last year, but because of his autism, he never understood the tragedy that surrounded the event. This year, Jonathan plans to start and finish the marathon. Go Jonathan!

As we all remember the disheartening events of last year’s marathon, we hope that Jonathan’s story makes today a little bit brighter.

Follow Jonathan’s Facebook page and visit his website to learn more about his story and to read updates about his experience as he runs in Boston today. We wish him and everyone participating in the marathon all the best!

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Brunot's Facebook page


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