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New! The Must-Have For Every Parent with a Child On The Spectrum. "The Loving Push"

The Loving Push by Temple Grandin and Debra Moore Book Cover"The Loving Push"
A book that will instill hope within your life! 

by Dr. Temple Grandin and Dr. Debra Moore

Autism and Asperger's
2015 New Release


Autism and Asperger's
2015 New Release

The Loving Push Heart Icon The Path To Success Starts Here: HOPE 

  • Real Stories, Real Successes!
  • Three Necessary Components of Success
  • How to Break Bad Habits and Instill Hope

The Loving Push Heart Icon How to Maximize Your Child's Odds of Success 

  • Why a Loving Push is Necessary and Critical
  • Effective Strategies to Combat Depression and Anxiety
  • Steering Clear of Danger: Help for Compulsive Gaming and Computer Recluses

The Loving Push Heart Icon Moving Out, Moving On:  Prepare Now 

  • Making One's Own Way Begins Right Now, With You and Your Child
  • Teaching The Vital Life Skills Now - Necessary for Adult Success
  • It's all about Fit: Knowing and Benefiting From Your Child's Thinking Style



The Loving Push Heart Icon From The Introduction: Dr. Temple Grandin 


Our children on the spectrum are growing up. According to Drexel University’s National Autism Report, about 50,000 kids with autism exit high school each year in the U.S. About a half million youth with autism will enter adulthood over the next decade. This book springs from our passion, aspirations, and hopes for these teens and young adult. -Dr. Temple Grandin


The Loving Push Heart Icon Discover, Learn and Grow 


  • Avoiding Learned Helplessness - New strategies to help create a positive mindset 
  • Optimisim and Resisting Habitual Negative Thinking - What is "Learned Optimism" and how can you put it to work? 
  • What are the "3 P's" and how you can begin implmenting new strategies?  There are 3 easy ways to remember how to teach our kids to resist their habitual negative thinking and self-blame. Known as the “3 P’s”, they involve concepts of Permanence, Pervasiveness, and Personalization.
  • The Critical Impact of Mentors - Teachers, Friends, Media Personalities and Superheroes
  • How to Break Bad Habits and Instill HOPE - Teens Need Straight Talk
  • Living In Their Bedroom Is Not An Acceptable Life - Your Child Needs Extra Help to Build HOPE
  • HOPE Theory - Let Them Rebound and Grow
  • The Loving Push is Necessary - Self-Initiative and Motivation
  • Don't Let Guilt Undermine You
  • Start Early and Build Up Skills That Will Endure
  • Effective Strategies for Coping With Depression and Anxiety
  • Recreational versus Compulsive Gaming Defined
  • Teaching Vital Life Skills Needed for Success 
  • The Value of Family Rituals
  • Step In Early and Be "Hands On"
  • Matching Your Child's Thinking Style to Their Life



The Loving Push Heart Icon Next Steps 





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The Loving Push

The new release, Loving Push book written by Dr. Temple Grandin and Dr. Debra Moore for Autism and Asperger's is now available through audio and eBook formats.

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