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New comic features superhero with autism

by Dawn Grosvenor

Face Value Comics - first comic featuring superhero with autism!“This is an opportunity for kids to have a hero like themselves.” – Dave Kot, creator of Face Value Comics

Dave Kot, founder of Autism at Face Value, has just released the first ever comic series that centers on a superhero with autism! Face Value Comics features a superhero named Michael who has the special power of autism and, according to NBC, he and other characters display “vivid facial expressions to illustrate social cues and how to respond.” The comic’s Facebook page describes the premise as:

"A comic book hero with autism in a steampunk world filled with aliens, robots & lots of misunderstanding!"

In this video by NBC, Brian, a young admirer of the comic, is interviewed. Brian talks about how he relates to Michael’s thoughts and experiences, saying that sometimes the "thought bubbles" that express Michael's concerns are similar to his own. Dave Kot also speaks to his inspiration behind the comic, as well as the relatability he hopes it achieves with readers.

The comic has gained such a large following and high praise since the release of only its first issue that it is currently sold out in print in many comic book stores! Face Value Comics asks fans to be patient while they wait for more copies to print, and in the meantime, to purchase a digital copy of Issue #1 for $2.00.

To learn more about Face Value Comics, “like” them on Facebook and visit Autism at Face Value.

If you're in need of more young adult resources, check out our Young Adult Library. Young adult experiences and advice will also be topics of discussion at our upcoming autism conferences featuring Dr. Temple Grandin, Dr. Tony Attwood, and other experts in the field. Visit our conferences section for more information on where our next autism events will be located.

"I think people with autism are heroes." - Dr. Tony Attwood

Dr. Tony Attwood's upcoming autism conferences:

Columbia, SC - Oct. 24 | San Marcos, TX - Oct. 27 | Olympia, WA - Oct. 29 | Honolulu, HI - Oct. 31

*Columbia and San Marcos conferences are not sponsored by Future Horizons.


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