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More Laughing and Loving with Autism

More Laughing and Loving with Autism

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More Laughing and Loving with Autism
New and Revisited Stories that Will Warm and Inspire You

Author(s): R. Wayne Gilpin

If you know and love a child with autism, this book will warm your heart! R. Wayne Gilpin, founder of Future Horizons, Inc., compiled a book of anecdotes revealing his son Alex's wisdom and wit (Alex's sense of humor is legendary, and has been known to cause huge outbreaks of smiles!). Together with uplifting stories from other parents of children with autism, they comprise More Laughing and Loving with Autism. Be sure to also check out the two companion books: Laughing and Loving with Autism, and Much More Laughing and Loving with Autism.
Helpful sections include:
  • Laughing
  • Out into the "Real" World
  • Social Skills
  • Home
  • The Workplace
  • School

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 108

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“I knew nothing about autism before reading ‘Laughing…’ and still I found it very enjoyable and heartwarming."

“Honestly, my apprehensions about dealing with a kid with autism have decreased dramatically. This book really opened my eyes."

“The Laughing section made me happy and the Poignant section made me proud."

“I’d almost swear that you were reading through my case files—I loved the book."

“You can’t imagine how much I could relate my own experiences to these stories."

Testimonials From The Future Horizons Family