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Making Sense: A Guide To Sensory Issues written by Rachel Schneider and Sharon Heller

Making Sense: A Guide To Sensory Issues



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Making Sense: A Guide To Sensory Issues

Author(s):  Rachel Schneider, Sharon Heller

Our senses! Thanks to them, our brains are constantly flooded with information about the world around us. What may surprise you is that we're not all wired the same way, and some of us are unable to understand exactly what we're sensing. People with sensory processing disorder (SPD), a newly identified neurological condition, as well as those with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), are frequently misunderstood by others when they over- or under-react to sounds, sights, smells, tastes, touch, movement, balance, and feelings within their bodies.

In this guide, mental health counselor, SPD community advocate, and sensory adult Rachel S. Schneider MA, MHC, helps us to make sense of sensory issues. Whether you're someone with sensory issues, a loved one supporting a sensory person, a professional, or someone who is curious about unusual and complex sensory experiences, this guide will answer your questions about life with sensory processing differences.

Illustrations by Kelly Dillon of the humorous illustrated sensory blog, Eating Off Plastic.

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