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Jennifer O'Toole shares her experience at the White House Summit and goals for autism inclusion

by Dawn Grosvenor

Jennifer O'Toole, who is one of Future Horizons' speakers and the founder of Asperkids, recently had the opportunity to visit the White House Summit for the President's Council on Health, Nutrition & Fitness. The focus of this visit was to discuss the American Disabilities Act, with regard to health and fitness, and to ensure that all people with medical differences benefit from its programs in the best ways possible. Jennifer was invited to represent the autism community and provide insight on inclusion for people on the spectrum.

"We can tell and we know for sure that the best anti-depressant, the best sensory integration, the best stuff that just makes you feel better, happens when your body is healthy - when you're moving and you're eating well." - Jennifer O'Toole

"It was a great chance to be able to talk with people who were creating programming for, and hoping to entice the participation of, those of us on the spectrum." - Jennifer O'Toole

Watch Jennifer's video below where she talks more about her experience at the White House!

Jennifer O'Toole will be speaking at our upcoming autism conferences in Allentown, PA (Nov. 5) and Altanta, GA (Nov. 12), along with Dr. Temple Grandin! Jennifer's new DVD presentation, Autism and the Family, is also now available. To learn more about Jennifer and get updates on her projects, visit the Asperkids website, follow @Asperkids on Twitter, and like Asperkids on Facebook. Also, follow the President's Council on Twitter: @FitnessGov.

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