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In My World

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In My World: Pre-Order

Available August 4, 2017

A simple, heartfelt story that follows the life of a child with autism through his imaginative journey as he seeks to be accepted, loved and celebrated for his strengths and abilities. Despite the qualities that make children on the autism spectrum exceptional, they all have hopes, dreams and feelings of belonging that all children desire. This book is a powerful reminder that with a little help from each of us, children with autism can fulfill their dreams.

Pages: 36 pages

About the Author

Jillian Ma is a resource teacher in British Columbia, who has dedicated her life to working with special needs children. She was first exposed to working with special needs children as an educational assistant, and later became a Behavior Interventionist before turning her attention to education. Her students are some of the happiest, strongest and most carefree people she has ever met and they continuously inspire her to become a better person.

Mimi Chao grew up in the make-believe worlds of Calvin & Hobbes, Studio Ghibli, and Roald Dahl… and never quite grew out of them. She believes in maintaining that child-like wonder while integrating the perspective life brings. In 2014, Mimi left a corporate career to work towards her idea of meaningful storytelling. She’s since illustrated children’s books, designed characters for companies, and created keepsake stories for individuals. Besides drawing, Mimi thoroughly enjoys architecture, technology, and puppies. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

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