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In My Mind - Your Q&A With A Man With Autism

In My Mind - Your Q&A With A Man With Autism

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In My Mind - Your Q&A With a Man With Autism


Author(s): Alex Olinkiewicz


In his book, Alex takes each of eight symptoms and comments how these symptoms are pertinent in his life. In so doing, the reader will find similarities to those children with Asperger's that they know and will be able to reflect with new insights on what Alex is talking about. In addition to the above, Alex shares many experiences in his life that reflect his Asperger's condition from not being able to drive, social development, repetitions, panic situations, holidays, family, movies, relaxers, etc. Alex has augmented his insights with graphics that even more clearly clarify his Asperger's symptoms and sheds new ways of seeing the Asperger's condition.

Meet Alex Olinkiewicz. If you live on Shelter Island, you probably already know him, at least casually. But until you sit down and talk with him, you may know little of his warmth, charm, intelligence and his self-awareness about coping with Asperger’s syndrome and other peoples’ reactions to it. The 21 year old 2009 Shelter Island High School graduate has a subtle shyness about him that he somewhat masks with a self-deprecating sense of humor. Many of his classmates may have left the Island for college or jobs but you’re likely to find Alex often alone at home, hunched over a computer dealing with graphics, one of the many talents this young author possesses.

Binding: Paperback

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