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978-1-932565-87-4-I Like Birthdays It's the Parties I'm Not Sure About Autism

I Like Birthdays ... It's the Parties I'm Not Sure About!



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I Like Birthdays ... It's the Parties I'm Not Sure About!

Author(s): Laurie Renke, Jake Renke, Max Renke

Every kid loves birthday parties, right? Wrong! For a child with Sensory Processing Disorder, parties can be an overload of noise, tastes, and smells. Often, other children and adults don't understand why a child is not having fun like he is "supposed" to.

In this colorful picture book, a child's voice explains why parties can be painful for some kids. Balloons are popping, kids are screaming, party games are confusing---does a kid have to endure all of this to be a good friend? In the end, perhaps it would be better to celebrate a friend's birthday on another day. That's still being a great best friend!

Author Laurie Renke, mother to sons and illustrators Jake and Max, wrote this wonderful children's book for her young son with SPD, and to raise SPD awareness. She says, "I wrote this book for every child who would rather not go to his or her best friend's birthday party. I hope that after reading this book, everyone who knows a child like this, as well as that child, will start to understand some reasons why events like this might be anything but fun for many children."

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 44

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