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How do I transfer the EPUB File to Nook?

Future Horizons' eBooks for Nook!How to Transfer ePUB Files to your Nook:
    1. After you have purchased your title and received the confirmation email, download the ePub file to your computer   
    2. Plug in your USB cable to the nook (or other compatible device) and then into your USB input on your computer
    3. Once your computer recognizes the device, right-click on start and go to Explore
    4. Locate your eBook folder, then find the My Documents folder on your Nook   
    5. Grab, drag, and drop the eBook into the My Documents folder
    6. Repeat as necessary   
    7. Unplug your Nook from your computer
    8. On the Nook, do a Search For New Content
    9. Your new eBook file should show up in the My Documents folder

For all other devices, or if your Nook is incompatible with these instructions, download the global FREE software, Adobe Digital Editions, which is very similar to Adobe PDF Reader.

Re-download the book, choosing to have it open in the background. Plug in your Nook or other ePub-compatible device and the software will prompt to activate your Nook or tablet.

More instructions for Kobo devices can be found here.

Enjoy your eBook!

Future Horizons does not provide customer service for tablet readers. We recommend that you consult with the customer service team associated with with your tablet or phone manufacturer. 

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