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Hope for the Violently Aggressive Child; Dr. Ralph Ankenman

Hope for the Violently Aggressive Child Newest Edition



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Hope for the Violently Aggressive Child Newest Edition 


New Diagnoses and Treatments that Work

"Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down! Every clinic and school should have this as a reference."

- Temple Grandin, PhD

Author(s): Dr. Ralph Ankenman

Have a problem with aggressive behavior in your child? Get help here!

Dr. Ralph Ankenman presents new diagnoses and treatment options for children who have severe disruptive meltdowns at home or school. Referred to as Immature Adrenaline Systems Over-reactivity (IASO), this approach is based on the relationship between aggression and the body's adrenaline systems. Therefore, IASO does not require psychotropic drugs. Instead, IASO reduces or eliminates psychotropic drugs from a child's regimen. IASO stops episodes of violence and aggression in patients with autism, bipolar disorder, developmental disabilities, and many with no mental health diagnosis at all. Standard psychotropic drugs often do not fully resolve these behaviors and lead to unnecessary side effects. A companion website enables caregivers and parents to discuss and share tips about this new approach.

Dr. Ralph Ankenman has treated hundreds of patients with violent and aggressive behavior problems. Over time, he discovered that adrenaline acting medicines provided many patients with safer and more effective treatment than the commonly prescribed psychiatric medicines. Dr. Ankenman spent over twenty years as Director of the Special Psychiatric Unit at Madison County Hospital in London, Ohio, and he has consulted extensively for mental health clinics, state developmental centers, and community group homes. After closing his practice in 2008, he has dedicated his time to writing and speaking about the therapeutic potential of adrenaline acting medications.

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 150

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"I stayed up all night until I finished it, I couldn't put it down."
-Dr. Temple Grandin

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