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Former Miss Montana will attend Future Horizons' autism conference

by Dawn Grosvenor

Alexis Wineman will attend Future Horizons' Great Falls autism conference

“Autism doesn’t define me, I define autism!” – Alexis Wineman, Miss Montana 2012

Two years ago, Alexis Wineman became the first Miss Montana winner with autism spectrum disorder, and later the first person on the spectrum to participate in the Miss America pageant, winning America’s Choice and placing in the Final 15. Since then, Alexis has made it her goal to not only spread autism awareness, but also positively impact those that are affected.

“I will be successful if just one person encounters a child who is overstimulated without staring, if one teenager invites an "outcast" to lunch or just smiles at him or her, or if one employer gives a job to someone who might not be able to look the interviewer in the eye.” Alexis wrote last year.

We’re overjoyed to share that Alexis will attend Future Horizons’ upcoming autism conference in Great Falls, Montana on Saturday, June 28. Click here for details and registration! During the morning introductions, Alexis will say a few words about her autism story and her experiences thus far. Dr. Temple Grandin will be a speaker at the conference along with Beth Aune, OTR/L, and Sean Barron. It’s a day not to be missed!

By attending the Great Falls autism conference, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and hear noteworthy presentations by all four of these incredible individuals, who each aim to help those affected by autism.

If you’re interested in meeting Alexis in particular, she will arrive early to the conference and stay through the morning break.

Visit Alexis Wineman’s official website and follow her on Twitter and Facebook for updates on her journey with autism.


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