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Facebook response gives boy with autism his best birthday yet

by Dawn Grosvenor

Logan's special 12th birthdayWhen Catherine Pearson posted a message on Facebook in hopes of making her son’s 12th birthday a special one, she had no idea that she would receive such an incredible response from people around the world!

Logan Pearson has severe autism, and year after year, his parents have felt an absence of acknowledgement and celebration on his birthday from those outside his family. For Logan’s 12th birthday on Feb. 24, his mom hoped for more for him. So, she turned to Facebook.

In a Facebook post, Catherine wrote:

“I want to CELEBRATE him and ENJOY his day on 2/24/14! So will you go right now and grab a piece of paper and write Happy Birthday Logan- from your FRIEND— in Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii… Etc? I want to make a birthday card book for him. Help us celebrate Logan’s birthday! Feel free to share this.”

Days later, and for the weeks following, Catherine and her husband were shocked to find an outpouring of birthday messages and gifts for Logan in the family’s mailbox in Massachusetts from strangers all over the globe. According to, Logan received thousands of cards, plus gifts and happy sentiments from the police department, a family in Australia, and even Elmo!
Logan's special 12th birthday

After hearing about Catherine’s post, the Cambridge Police Department even organized a birthday party for Logan, complete with cake and balloons, family, police officers, and new friends. Everyone sang the “Happy Birthday” song to Logan before he blew out the number twelve candles on his birthday cake.

“The world is giving this kid a hug, saying ‘You count, and we’re here for your birthday,’” Catherine told CBS News.

We bet Logan’s family will hold this occasion close to their hearts forever. Happy belated birthday to him!

Photos courtesy of CBS Boston.