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eBook: .ePub or Nook Behavior Solutions for the Home and Community

eBook - Behavior Solutions for the Home and Community .ePub or Nook

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Behavior Solutions for the Home and Community - See a Behavior, Look it Up!

Author(s): Beth Aune, OTR/L

Behavior Solutions for the Home is a tool for parents whose children’s behaviors are impeding their daily life. Once they see a particular behavior, parents can quickly look up an in-the-moment solution and read more about what could be causing that behavior—and more importantly, how to overcome it. This helpful book is intended to provide general, practical solutions for busy (and often overwhelmed) parents who can benefit from a handy reference guide to help them address common behaviors at home and in the community. This book is a must-have for every parent and caregiver working with a child on the autism spectrum!

Written by Beth Aune Nelson, OTR/L. Beth teaches at Loma Linda University and currently has a private practice as an occupational therapist. She has worked with school districts throughout California. She has developed and presented many workshops on the care and treatment of disabled students.


Section One:  Self Care and Promoting Independence

Chapter 1 – Getting Dressed
Chapter 2 – Restricted Clothing Choices
Chapter 3 – Buttoning, Zipping, and Snapping
Chapter 4 – Shoe Tying
Chapter 5 – Bathing and Showering Issues
Chapter 6 – Haircuts and Grooming
Chapter 7 – Teeth Brushing
Chapter 8 – Cutting Fingernails and Toenails
Chapter 9 – Lotions and Sunscreens
Chapter 10 – Toileting
Section Two:  Eating and Mealtime Issues at Home

Chapter 11 – Trouble with Textures
Chapter 12 – Restricted Diet and Picky Eating
Chapter 13 – Messy Eating
Chapter 14 – Overstuffing the Mouth
Chapter 15 – Utensil Use
Chapter 16 – Sitting at the Table and Staying in Seat
Chapter 17 – Swallowing Medication and Supplements
Section Three:  Bedtime and Sleeping Issues

Chapter 18 – Difficulty Waking Up
Chapter 19 – Getting out of the House on Time
Chapter 20 – Calming Down for Bedtime
Chapter 21 – Inconsistent Sleep Patterns
Chapter 22 – Staying in Bed
Section Four:  Community Outings

Chapter 23 – Grocery Stores
Chapter 24 – Malls
Chapter 25 – Movie Theaters
Chapter 26 – Restaurants
Chapter 27 – Extracurricular Activities
Chapter 28 – Dentist and Doctor Appointments

Section Five:  Family and Friends

Chapter 29 – Family Gatherings
Chapter 30 – Holidays
Chapter 31 – Vacations
Chapter 32 – Car and Air Travel
Chapter 33 – Pets
Chapter 34 – Sibling Relationships
Chapter 35 – Play Dates
Appendix A – Backward Chaining Example for Dressing
Appendix B – Example of Visual Schedule for Morning Routine
Appendix C – Example of Visual Schedule for Night Routine  
Appendix D – Fun and Easy Activities to Develop Fine Motor Skills

This book is a must-have for every parent and caregiver working with a child on the autism spectrum!

Pages: 115

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