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Dr. Temple Grandin Package

Dr. Temple Grandin Package

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Dr. Temple Grandin Package

Author(s): Temple Grandin

Dr. Tony Attwood said it best: “Temple is my hero. She has my vote for the person who has provided the greatest advance in our understanding of autism this century.”

Now Temple’s wisdom can be yours! With this collection of her books, and a DVD of her newest presentation, your bookshelf truly will be an autism library. Don’t buy one book at a time – save $ and time by purchasing this convenient package!

The package includes:

  • My Sensory- Based World DVD 
  • Temple Grandin HBO Movie DVD 
  • Thinking in Pictures
  • A Thorn in My Pocket: Temple Grandin’s Mother Tells the Family Story, by Eustacia Cutler
  • The Loving Push 
  • Temple Talks...About Autism and Sensory Issues
  • Temple Talks..About Autism and the Older Child
  • Temple Did It...and I Can Too! 
  • Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships - Revised 2017 edition


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About Dr. Temple Grandin:
As a child, Temple Grandin could not speak. Her silent existence was broken only by rhythmic rocking and occasional fits of screaming and thrashing. Diagnosed with autism, Temple’s many caregivers eventually helped her contradict her doctors’ morbid predictions and go on to become one of the autism community’s most beloved success stories. Temple Grandin, PhD, is a popular international lecturer on autism and animal handling. One of the world’s leading experts in livestock facility design, over half of the cattle in North America are handled in facilities designed by her. She credits her visual thinking and her systemizing mind, both characteristics of autism, for her ability to be “the woman who thinks like a cow.” Temple continues to be an inspiration and role model to millions.


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