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Author News Series

Future Horizons' Author News Series features article contributions from our authors that relate to autism, sensory issues, behavior, and more.


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By Dr. Temple Grandin, author of The Way I See It & The Loving Push

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New Releases

New Releases in Autism, Asperger's, and Sensory Resources

Dr. Temple Grandin: Who Should Read the Revised Collector's 3rd Edition of "The Way I See It"

This article, written by Dr. Temple Grandin, is part of Future Horizons’ Author News Series, where we feature contributions from our authors.

Dr. Temple Grandin, author of The Way I See It: A Personal Look at Autism & Asperger's - Collector's 3rd Edition

The Way I See It: A Personal Look at Autism & Aspergers is written for parents, teachers, and therapists who work directly with children who have either autism or Asperger’s syndrome. It is also useful for teaching children with other developmental problems.

The book is a "how-to guide" full of practical information that can be used in classrooms and in the home.

The information in The Way I See It is based on both my personal experience with autism, and scientific and professional literature. It is designed to bridge the gap between scientific papers and a busy home or classroom.

The format of the book makes it easy for busy people to find the information that will be helpful to them. The many short chapters cover specific topics and can be easily located in the table of contents.

Some of the major areas that are covered are my experiences with early educational interventions, sensory problems, how people with autism think, medications, diagnosis, and learning skills for college and employment.

Buy the Collector's 3rd Edition of The Way I See It by Dr. Temple GrandinIn my other books, such as Thinking in Pictures and Emergence: Labeled Autistic, I tell my personal story. In The Way I See It, I give both my experiences as a person with autism, and as a scientist, to provide practical advice for teaching and raising children with autism or Asperger’s.

For more from Dr. Temple Grandin on autism, refer to her newest book, The Way I See It: A Personal Look at Autism & Asperger's - Collector's 3rd Edition! Featuring a faux leather hardback cover.

Follow Temple on Facebook and Twitter for updates on her autism projects. To see where Temple is speaking on autism next, visit our conferences section.