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Child with autism featured on mainstream magazine cover for the first time

by Dawn Grosvenor

Parents magazine features child with autism on April 2014 coverAutism Awareness Month, the month of April, is just around the corner, and the celebration is already off to a great start! News broke recently that the April 2014 issue of Parents magazine features a child with autism on the cover, something that no other nationally-read parenting magazine has done before.

According to The Stir, the April 2014 Parents cover superstars are 5-year-old Daniel Molina, who has autism, and his 3-year-old sister, Chloe. The key headline on the cover, “Living in a Special Needs World” is an ode to a 24-page section on special needs.

Parents’ Editor-in-Chief Dana Points spoke to WSAV, and emphasized the importance of this particular issue of the magazine.

“It's important that all parents better understand how their children are co-existing in our schools and communities,” she said. “By sharing experiences, cultivating understanding, and maintaining an open dialogue, every parent can help kids of all abilities thrive.”

This cover photo isn’t the first newsworthy item to come out of Parents; last February, they became the first ever mainstream magazine to feature a special-needs child – a toddler with spina bifida.

To achieve equal inclusion and representation of all abilities in mainstream publications, will be when news such as this no longer newsworthy; when it’s considered the norm. However, this is undoubtedly a step in the right direction!

Photo courtesy of Love That Max and Parents.


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