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Carol Kranowitz Package

Carol Kranowitz Package

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Carol Kranowitz Library

Author(s): Carol Kranowitz

Finally, sensory resources by best-selling special needs author Carol Kranowitz are available with one click, at a hefty discount!

Carol Kranowitz, MA, has been a preschool teacher for more than twenty-five years. As she observed the students in her classroom, she saw that more and more children displayed signs of sensory problems, such as vision/hearing deficits, motor skill problems, and sensory sensitivities to different foods. It turns out she was on the cutting edge of understanding in the area, and she went on to produce many bestsellers that have revolutionized how we teach and raise children with these kinds of issues.

This one-of-a-kind library includes her world-famous Out-of-Sync Child books, a chapter book for kids about sensory issues (Goodenoughs Get in Sync) and two wonderful DVDs in which Carol shows you how to put strategies into action, to help these kids immediately. Carol's innovative activities and dynamic speaking style makes learning about this topic both informative AND entertaining! These titles are included:

  • The Out-of-Sync Child 
  •  Growing an In-Sync Child 
  •  The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun
  • The Out-of-Sync Child Grows Up
  •  The Goodenoughs Get in Sync
  •  Sensory Issues in Learning & Behavior DVD
  • Getting Kids in Sync DVD
  • Preschool Sensory Scan for Educators (Preschool SENSE) Manual and Forms Packet 
  •  A Teachers Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder (2 CDs) 
  •  Answers to Questions Teachers Ask about Sensory Integration 
  • In-Sync Activity Card Book
  • Absolutely No Dogs Allowed!

Buying Individually:  $219.45

Carol Kranowitz, MA, has been a preschool teacher for more than twenty-five years. She has developed an innovative program to screen young children for Sensory Processing Disorder, and writes and speaks regularly about the subject. She has an M.A. in Education and Human Development.

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