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Boy with autism has a message for LegoLand

by Dawn Grosvenor

“I’m learning every day to be like other normal kids – whatever ‘normal’ means!” – 11-year-old Brynjar Karl, in his video to LegoLand about his autism.

In this four minute video collaboration with his filmmaker mom, 11-year-old Brynjar Karl has set out to deliver a message to LegoLand. Brynjar is from Iceland and he has autism, but that isn’t all that defines him. His video gives a look into his life; he talks about his family, his friends, the challenges that he’s working through, and his much-cherished Legos.

It’s Brynjar’s dream to build the Titanic in Lego form. He has the project prepared down to the measurements of his favorite ship, but he has one big problem: not enough Lego pieces!

Brynjar’s ultimate quest is to build the Titanic at The Lego Factory in Denmark, with his mom filming the whole process on video – but why there? “So that I can show the world I’m truly a Lego Master!” he says excitedly.

From the looks of it, Brynjar is already quite the Lego Master, but we love that he is dreaming big!


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