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Sensory books, DVDs, and other resources by experts in the field

Issues related to Sensory Processing Disorder can have a challenging impact on children and adults on the autism spectrum. Often, these obstacles must be overcome before other needs can be addressed. These resources will help parents, teachers, and professionals in that process.

Not sure where to begin? Take a look at our Sensory Package.

Ellen Notbohm Library; Autism
  • Save 33%
Ellen Notbohm Library
$59.85 $39.95
Behavior Solutions Library
  • Save 22%
Behavior Solutions Library
$44.85 $34.95
OT in the School - DVD, Autism
  • Save 65%
OT in the School - DVD
$20.00 $7.00
Sensory Package Autism
  • Save 36%
Sensory Package
$196.00 $124.95
Middle School Library, Autism, Special Needs
  • Save 57%
Middle School Library
$460.00 $199.95
Songames CD Package
  • Save 56%
Songames CD Package
$112.99 $49.95