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Bobby and Mandee's Too Safe for Strangers



10 days

Bobby and Mandee's Too Safe for Strangers Author(s): Robert Kahn Most children, especially children on the autism spectrum, accept adults' friendliness at face value. Sometimes it can have tragic consequences. Written by a Deputy Sheriff, this book is credited with foiling at least 22 stranger abductions. Characters Bobby and Mandee explain stranger danger in a way that is accessible, but not frightening, for children. Read it to your child and role-play different scenarios. Create a password only you and your child know, label backpacks on the inside (so strangers won’t know your name). Strangers can be men or women, old or young. Adults should not touch, give gifts to, or ask for help from children. If they do, don’t keep it a secret! Tell an adult! Arm your child with the knowledge that may save his or her life. Binding: Paperback Pages: 24

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