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Autism Movement Therapy Auterobics DVD

Autism Movement Therapy Auterobics DVD



10 days

Autism Movement Therapy Auterobics DVD

Author(s): Joanne Lara

or our kids to develop the necessary and fundamental skills that benefit all our kids.  Art saved my life!"    - Temple Grandin, PhD 
“Dance and music forces the brain to reorganize itself. Through the music and the movement, the individual is being asked to hear the music, process the sequence and the patterns, and then dance. It takes the whole brain to dance!  We are literally ‘Waking up the Brain.’" Joanne Lara, Founder of Autism Movement Therapy

Auterobics contains the music and the direction to create an enjoyable experience for the child, although, all the while, the child is affected far beyond the momentary joy of dancing.

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