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Asperger's:What Does It Mean To Mecscart_ Structured Teaching Ideas for Home and School, Autism

Asperger's...What Does It Mean To Me: Structured Teaching Ideas for Home and School

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Asperger's…What Does It Mean To Me: Structured Teaching Ideas for Home and School

Author(s): Catherine Faherty

This is a book that will never become irrelevant or “outdated.” Every child who uses it also becomes its “co-author.” Each chapter is divided in two parts: the first part—the “Workbook”—is for the child to complete, by writing or highlighting “What is True for Me” in lists of simple statements. The second part—“For Parents and Teachers”—contains helpful tips/information for the adult who guides him through the exercises. The book will provide insight into your child’s mind, and make him/her more self-aware, learning what autism means in relation to crucial areas of his/her life: friendships, fears, abilities, and much more.


Binding: Paperback
Pages: 327

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“It is important to understand that as a child, people bothered me. I didn’t know what they were for or what they would do to me. They were not always the same and I had no security. Even a person who was always nice to me might be different sometimes. Things didn’t fit together for me with people.”

Sean Barron, Author of There’s a Boy in Here

“This book offers another approach to furthering the understanding of autism … encouraging autistic children to learn more about themselves, and guiding them through a journey of self-discovery. It is a valuable resource for awareness and … self-esteem!

Such a book could have been very helpful to me and my family when I was a

Dave Spicer, diagnosed at age 46

“This is information that every kid with autism should have.”

Thomas Johnson, a ten-year-old

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