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About Our Books

Future Horizons eBook LibraryWelcome to our web store! In our online catalog, you will find offerings from the best minds in the field, providing a wide variety of approaches to the challenges of autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. We are selective in the items we add to our catalog and are very cautious about the word “cure.” If there is one theme in our publications, it’s the focus on the positive and the progress these special people can make. Make sure to check out our new eBook library as well; it is our commitment to bring you books on demand.

Individuals with autism spectrum disorders have unique talents and challenges, as we all do. We’d like to stress how interconnected all the topics and strategies are. Communication, social skills, behavior, sensory issues—improvement or deficit in one area will usually affect the other areas as well. So, we encourage you to take your time and explore our resources. Thinking outside the box is not only beneficial, but essential!

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We are proud to support the journey toward self-sufficiency, productivity, and happiness for individuals on the autism spectrum. Thanks for all you do!



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